In accordance with article 39 of the video presentation of the video-conference of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with the creative intellectuals of Uzbekistan on August 3, 2017, the creation of “friends’ clubs” of leading creative organizations of the country, granting them large enterprises, banks and companies as sponsor, the “Uzdonmakhsulot” Company is attached is a sponsor of the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod.Following this assignment meetings with the management of the institute and managers of "Uzdonmakhsulot" company were organized. Within the framework of the meetings, a plan of joint actions was developed and tasks were identified.

On October 28, 2017, the third meeting with “Uzdonmakhsulot” JS Company was held in the assembly hall of the Institute. At the meeting, employees of “Uzdonmakhsulot” JS E.Esonov, B.Kasimov, JS press secretary D.Alonova, rector of the Institute Kh.Aminov, pro-rector for spirituality and enlightenment D.Rakhmatullaeva, pro-rector on educational affairs B.Khadjimetov, vice-rector of finance and economics M.Kaimov, head of international department F.Kadirova, chief accountant of the institute M.Imamov took part.


The meeting was opened by the rector of the institute Kh.Aminov and gave information on the work carried out so far. After that, opinions were expressed about the organization of the contest “Let’s build the future together”, sponsored by “Uzdonmakhsulot” JSC.

During the interview, the vice-rector of Finance and Economics M.Kayimov spoke about the work carried out with the sponsors at the institution’s hostel and gave their suggestions on what to do.


The employee of “Uzdonmakhsulot” E.Esonov spoke and gave his opinion on the issues raised and gave the word to Bakhrom Kasimov.In his speech B.Kasimov dwelled on the contest “Let’s build the future together”, which will be organized jointly.It provided detailed explanations to the participants of the meeting on the requirements and proposals for the organization of the contest, as well as the purpose of the contest and its implementation.During the interview, the opinions of the two sides were discussed on how to implement the selection process and the tasks for its organization were identified.


B.Kasimov’s suggestions on the possibility of implementing sponsorships in this area, if the issue of creating educational literature, textbooks, monographs on the basis of today’s requirements, as well as proposals made by the institute for professional development of professor-teachers in foreign countries, has given.At the same time, the work needed to upgrade the material and technical basis of the institute, including the curriculum and equipment required for the Institute’s hostel.




Methodist of the Department of spirituality,

education and work with talented youth



«    Январь 2018    »

Student artworks

  • Институтда иқтидорли магистр ва бакалавр талабалари ўртасида инглиз тилида ўтказилган “Youth’s look to Аrt” номли илмий-амалий анжуман
  • Талабалар турар жойида “Талабалар оқшоми” тадбири доирасида ўтказилган “Art-терапия ва аукцион” мавзусида ўтказилган тадбир
  • “Талабалар фестивали” доирасида бўлиб ўтган тадбирлар бўйича

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