Currently the Institute trains more than 1200 students by the teaching staff of the members of the Academy of Arts, Honoured artists of Uzbekistan, professors, lecturers with doctoral degree, doctoral candidates, associate professors.


The Institute’s faculty engage in art and academic research; many of them have made great successes in their pursuits. For the contribution to the training of highly qualified experts in fine arts some of the faculty were awarded honorary titles, government awards, diplomas, and medals of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.


The core objective of the specialist departments of the Institute is to train competitive and highly skilled professionals, maintain traditions of the national painting school, and attain artistic experience of international standard.


To coordinate educational, academic, artistic, research, teaching, and mentoring activities, the Institute has set up an Academic Council that has also been given the function of the higher administration authority of the Institute.


The key function of the Academic Council is to coordinate the operation of the Institute’s departments and to ensure quality training process in the multi-tier education system on the basis of the national education standards and classification, as well as to implement decrees and regulations issued by the Ministry of the Higher and Professional Education and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan to further improve higher and vocational education in the country.





The Institute’s faculty successfully combine pedagogy and art. Pieces of art created by them are exhibited in different museums, showrooms, private collections and art galleries in Uzbekistan and abroad.


Solo exhibitions of art works by the academicians of the Academy of Arts as well as by leading lecturers from the core departments of the Institute ran at different times in the CIS countries and farther away: among other places, in the Netherlands, Korea, UK, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, China, the USA, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan. 


Master’s Program Presently, more than 120 students are enrolled in the graduate program covering nine areas of study; easel painting; monumental painting; industrial design; interior design; museum studies; art values conservation and storage; theatrical set design; art solutions for cinematography; landscaping art; and in art criticism.


The Master’s Program Department trains highly skilled academics who define the future of the country’s science, culture and art.


Postgraduate Education In 2002, to train specialists of highly advanced skills, the Institute opened a department of postgraduate studies covering two areas: History and Theory of Culture; and Museum Studies.


In 2013, to improve its postgraduate education system, an institution of senior research fellows was organized at the Institute. Dissertation themes cover the current issues in cultural studies, and researching contemporary trends in domestic and foreign museum studies.




«    Январь 2018    »

Student artworks

  • Институтда иқтидорли магистр ва бакалавр талабалари ўртасида инглиз тилида ўтказилган “Youth’s look to Аrt” номли илмий-амалий анжуман
  • Талабалар турар жойида “Талабалар оқшоми” тадбири доирасида ўтказилган “Art-терапия ва аукцион” мавзусида ўтказилган тадбир
  • “Талабалар фестивали” доирасида бўлиб ўтган тадбирлар бўйича

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